Award Sharing Time

I have been nominated for two Versatile Blogger Awards. This comes as a shock to me because a) why does anybody actually read my blog? and b) why would they think it’s good?

versatile-blogger awardHowever, I’ll accept this honor because in writing this blog I have come to respect bloggers more than I can express. Writing a decent blog is not that easy. When I started out just a few short months ago I was full of ideas and they poured out. Then they dribbled, then sputtered, then dripped like a toddlers nose. It turns out I’m not that creative. Who would have guessed??  (Be quiet, Debbie!)

There are 23 zippideezillion blogs out there. There are more blogs in the blogosphere than people in New York City. Like the population of New York, the blogs are varied and colorful. Some are celebrities who live fascinating and popular lives, but most are just folks contributing to their little corner of the community. Most blogs are like the little mom and pop diner in the Bronx that only has six tables. Not everybody knows it’s there, but the ones that do, are loyal and stop back regularly. That’s what I want to be. The little diner that has really good pie.

Thanks to Hobbling Around  for the first nomination. Her blog defines the word versatile. As she says in her ‘about’ page, “Living with a disability (MS) presents all sorts of great writing material..” Now that’s positive attitude. Couple that with a great talent for writing and it’s a hit!

Thank you for the other nomination which comes from dribblingpensioner which is written by Harry, who is a 66-year-old pensioner from Belfast, Northern Ireland with too much time on his hands. I love to give him a hard time because every crazy thing he writes about I see myself reflected in. It always makes me think, “Am I an old daft fart like that?” Invariably the answer is, “Yes, yes I am.” He is also an Arsenal fan, so he gets extra points for that. Go Gunners.

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says that a nominee should share 15 blogs that they follow. I love this part of the rules because I read and follow these talented people including the two bloggers who were kind enough to nominate me. These are in no particular order, and I swear you won’t be disappointed with any of them.

Lafemmeroar  “laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it”    I have to recommend this blog for all men so you’ll know just how smart and dangerous the better sex is. It’s funny with a bite!

Life & Bits   Anyone who is slightly intimidated by the boatload of information of “how to blog” truly needs to regularly visit Life&Bits. The information is distilled into non jargon easy to understand “bits” From the blog, “Life & Bits is a blog about life in the digital world.  Follow the journey of a basic internet user as I discover and learn about life in the internet. The blog shares the information learned and include links straight to the relevant pages, minimizing searches and research.  Hopefully, the blog will allow many to experience the internet in a brand new way.”

Tastes Like Bad Decisions    This a dating blog. Perhaps better described as a dating disaster blog. If your life really sucks, this blog will make you appreciate it more. This is not a type of blog that I would normally read or be able to appreciate. However, it is so well written that I can see her characters play out as part of a “must see TV” sitcom.

Patti K’s NyLon Daze   Patti is a very talented woman who is bi… Settle down now!  She is bi-country, trading time between New York and London and sharing stunning photography and insights.

Brain For Thought    This an intelligent and witty blog, but allow Warren to describe his blog, “My name is Warren and I’m a comedian/improviser/writer residing in Chicago who writes a bunch of silly stuff.”

SPIDERPAW’S BLOG  This is a photography blog and his shots are superb.

H E Ellis  is a thirty-something mother of three who lives in a farmhouse in rural New Hampshire. She is a talented writer who will soon be discovered by the masses. Get in early!

The Weekly Shave is written by Dom, a student at university in Bristol, UK, with a lot of time on his hands. So he decided to blog about things and be funny about it. (I stole that straight line from his blog) He has both humorous observations and some good photography.

Angry Rant  “This blog is pretty much about alienating everyone who reads it.  If you’re sensitive, don’t read it.  If you get your feelings hurt easily, don’t read it.  If everything offends you and you cry foul on anything not politically correct, DON’T FREAKING READ IT!”    That’s graysonjack’s description of his blog. My description is DON’T MISS IT!!

Finding 42 is a class act. Sayali’s blog is as close to true literature as you can find in a blog. It combines deep insight, with stunning photography with snippets of humor. It’s a little tough to describe with my limited abilities, so just subscribe to it and see for yourself.

Becoming Cliche ‘My Journey to Becoming My Mother’   This blog is laugh out loud, snot blowing out of your nose, don’t read while eating funny. This snippet from her ‘about’ page may describe her style of writing the best, “My greatest accomplishment is conquering my fear of my pressure cooker. My new biggest fear is that my butt will always be this big.”

I have to admit I love to read PORN.  There I’ve said it. I think your should too! PORN is short for a delightful blog written by yet another sickeningly talented young lady. It’s an acronym for Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News. Adorable stories illustrated with quirky drawings.

Your Pal Jason ‘The best (imaginary) friend you could ask for.’   Jason truly doesn’t need this nomination to stroke his ego any harder than he strokes it himself. But truth be told, and I always tell the truth, he’s a funny guy. There I said it. Jason is funny. You should read his blog. (That was hard for me.)

Maxim’s Madness   Speaking of a unique voice.. well I’ll just let Maxim describe his own blog, “You want excitement? You want adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Think of Indiana Jones on crack. Instead of a boulder, we got rainbow boulders. Instead of crazy indians, we got crazy dogs with party hats.”

Project Minify I sometimes become a little too acquisitive. My “stuff” seems to grow exponentially for no good reason. This blog, written by a delightful young woman who I met through my totally awesome best daughter on the planet, shows us some simple ways to live with a little lighter footprint on the planet while still having fun.

Vintage Vicki is one of several related blogs written by.. Vicki!  This woman makes me tired just reading what she writes about. There are health related topics, social issues, writing topics, you name it, she writes about it. And writes well.

High on Coffee is the polar opposite of my blog. Short and thoughtful posts that cause one to reflect. (See I said it was the opposite)

Warm Little Pond    An intelligent and balanced look at nature from a scientific viewpoint. In Colin’s own description: “I am a student of evolutionary biology at the University of California, Davis.  I am an atheist, humanist, and freethinker.  I enjoy blogging about my ideas and criticisms of anything I find interesting or important.  My goal is not to offend, but I’m sure you would rather I be brutally honest than politically correct.”

The best rule for the Versatile Blogger Award is the instruction to write 7 things about yourself.

OMG, I’m in heaven because I get to write about my favorite topic in the whole world: ME!

Although it’s not part of the rules, I will include some photos of ME, too. This just gets better and better.

I really was an altar boy.

I really was an altar boy.

1)I was an altar boy. I am not one now.

2) At the age of 16, while in high school, I owned an aquarium store and built the largest privately owned aquarium in the state of Indiana.

3) That same ‘largest privately owned aquarium’ exploded the first time it was filled with water.

4) After the nasty explosion I consulted my physics teacher, the wonderful and patient Mr. Powell, who explained hydrostatic pressure to me. (and pointed out I should have asked him BEFORE the explosion.. teenagers..LOL!)

5) I rebuilt the largest privately owned aquarium (at the time, and in Indiana, which wasn’t known for big aquariums) and it was successful and I sold it when I sold the store a few years later.

6) I used to race canoes. Then I got old and fat, not necessarily in that order.


It was a BIG aquarium. Click this pic to see a larger version and let the mocking begin!

7) I moved to Texas in 1978 because wife #1 hated the snow in Indiana.

8] I got divorced in 1980 because it turns out wife #1 didn’t hate snow after all. She hated me! Go figure…

9) When my present wife and I were dating she owned two cats. I was not fond of cats. I told her to choose between me and the cats.

10) She chose the cats. (I learned nothing from the experience with wife #1.. see item#8 above))

Colleen and Alan

So I told my wife in no uncertain terms I would NOT put up with a bunch of cats.

11) My wife (the one that picked the cats over me) and I have now been married for over twenty years. We operate a 501(C)3 non-profit cat rescue/sanctuary. (I am learning slowly…please refer to #7 through #10 above)

12) I had the first business on the internet that sold mailboxes exclusively. My friends and colleagues said I was crazy and no one would ever buy things off the internet. “That internet thing will NEVER catch on”, they mocked. . (This was long ago)  It was indeed successful and ‘that internet thing’ seems to have caught on. I sold the business and now I’m retired. Who’s crazy now Huh? HUH? Shhh… where’s my meds…

13) I know the rule said 7 things but this is too much fun to stop now.

14) I am only one degree of separation from multiple US Presidents going back to Harry Truman thanks to my close and personal endorsement by the most trusted man in America: Walter Cronkite.

15) Ok, my wife says #14 is an exaggeration, you decide: In 1986 I owned a construction company and my crews were remodeling Walter Cronkite’s daughter’s house. She ordered a beautiful and expensive new front door, which I decided to hang myself. Her father, Walter Cronkite, walked past while I was hanging the door, he paused momentarily and said, “Hmm, looks nice.” and continued walking to the back of the house. So in retrospect, I’m calling that an endorsement.  Sue me!


Hey kids, if you don't know who Walter Cronkite was click on the picture for some info

16) I’m feeling sad now because many of you are too young to remember who Walter Cronkite was?

versatile-blogger award

Click the pic for VBA Rules and Info


30 comments on “Award Sharing Time

  1. Sounds like a wonderful life. I am really impressed with some of the strokes of genius you have had…especially marrying a woman who love cats. Congratulations on your many successful (even if it was the second time around) experiences.

  2. I don’t know what’s is this versatile blogger award in real and also stumbled first time at your blog. It’s awesome and this post is too. Your photos made me think about the diversity of bloggers. Keep blogging, sir. Your mind has galaxies of imagination.

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  4. Congratulations Alan!

    This post is awesome.

    You actually OWNED an aquarium store at the age of 16? Wow! My part-time work selling candy to mental patients and staff at a psyche hospital definitely pales in comparison! 🙂 And although I’m sure your ego shattered with that aquarium – I think I would’ve paid money to see the largest aquarium in Indiana self-destruct! (as long as you didn’t get hurt)

    Oh … and um … I do remember Walter Cronkite. (Age is just a number right? 🙂 )

    Thank you again!


    • Thanks Vicki, No my ego did not shatter. Even at that tender age it was overinflated and impervious. Failing at things has never bothered me. It simply means I tried something, it didn’t work, so learn from it and try a different approach.

      • Well then I am doubly impressed. Sixteen is an impressive age – either positively or negatively. I wish that we could bottle your ego and market it out to all these teens today who can’t seem to find the right path toward their goals and dreams.
        (And I hope my previous post didn’t sound negative. It wasn’t meant to. Sometimes my sense of humor is like a kid holding an empty pitcher – no punch.) 🙂

        Thumbs up for setting a great example Alan.


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