Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated

Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated

Let's eliminate all the socialist programs!

I am just sick and tired of the constant promotion of socialism in our great democratic nation.  Just Google “Obama Socialism” and you’ll get over 3 million hits. I think that speaks for itself!

In a short 236 years our country has gone from a freedom loving (except for the slaves) country to a communist, socialist, Marxist state where my hard-earned dollars are ripped from my hand to pander to the lazy and shiftless and the wealth is spread from the “haves” to the “lazy.”

What are we? France? Canada? England??

I am taking up the cause to not just stop our illustrious leader from adding more socialist programs but to start eliminating the ones we already have! Please forward this list to your legislators and put them to work getting back to basics right now!

Government owned truck being washed by socialist firefighter.

Government owned truck being washed by socialist firefighter.

My #1 on the list of big money wasting socialist programs are the donut eating lazy asses that hardly ever actually do the job they are getting paid for. Namely: Firemen! These guys (and women now too!) sit around in government owned and maintained buildings where they do nothing for most of their shift except polishing their government owned (socialist) “firetrucks” and once in a while put out a fire or run a government owned ambulance to do CPR on some old fart! Socialism in its purest form! When our country was founded, everybody put out their own fires. They didn’t even have running water. They had a bucket and a well! I’ve got a hose at my house, don’t you? If a house catches on fire in the neighborhood we can all get our hoses and put it out ourselves. That’s the Jeffersonian ideal!

Your Socialism Security money pays so this guy can eat. Why doesn't he get a job!

Your Socialism Security money pays so this guy can eat. Why doesn't he get a job!

#2: Speaking of old farts, that brings me to #2 on my list. Social Security. It even has “Social” in the name. This government owned system gives billions of dollars out from working people every month to people who do absolutely nothing to earn it!  Socialism Security – End it now!

#3: While I’m still on the old farts who are the sucking leaches of our society, my #3 on the list of how Socialism is destroying our country is Medicare!!  They should call it Social-Commie-Care because it’s free health care that’s government owned and run. OK, that’s not exactly accurate. All the hospitals, care givers, doctors, nurses, drug companies, etc. are private and just get the bills paid by the government but it’s close enough. If we eliminated Social Security and Medicare alone we could balance the national budget!

We don't need no socialist police or army.  We got it covered!

We don't need no socialist police or army. We got it covered!

This brings me to #4 and #5 on my list:

The second Amendment of the United States gives us the “right to bear arms in a well-regulated militia”

On May 8, 1792, Congress passed “[a]n act more effectually to provide for the National Defense, by establishing a Uniform Militia throughout the United States” requiring:[E]ach and every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age of eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years (except as is herein after excepted) shall severally and respectively be enrolled in the militia..”

Government owned and run police departments and the military. Look at the second amendment. There are plenty of free white guys around with guns. They’ve all got their own guns and pick-up trucks. Why pay all these police officers that spend most of their time writing traffic tickets. The founding father’s were very clear and concise. If we’re attacked we grab our guns. Billions saved!

Let's stand around guys!

Let's stand around!

#6: How many times have you been driving down the road and seen the “road workers” “working”? Working for these government owned and run (socialist) road crews consists of one guy doing something while 5 men (or even women now) lean on a shovel and watch. Now everybody lives on a street, right? Let’s all take care of our own little patch of street in front of our house. For the bigger common roadways we can have churches “adopt a highway” and volunteers and donated money can take care of the rest. It’s much like we already have church soup kitchens for the homeless.

#7: All of our airlines are run by private companies and they do a darn good job flying millions of people to their destinations everyday. Then why do we have a government owned and run (socialist) air traffic control system. Turn that over to the airlines and let them watch their own planes. They don’t want to crash so they’ll do a fine job.

#8: Thanks to our modern drug companies many diseases are a thing of the past. But people like Obama and his liberal commie cult want “oversight” in the guise of the FDA. This government owned and run (socialist) program does nothing but slow down the introduction of new life saving treatments to our nation. Let the drug companies police themselves. They don’t want bad drugs out there anyway because dead people are bad for business.

Our children are getting dumber by the day. I'm sorry but it's true. We can't even get them to pull up their freaking pants.

Our children are getting dumber by the day. I'm sorry but it's true. We can't even get them to pull up their freaking pants.

#9: Our children are getting dumber by the day. I’m sorry but it’s true. We can’t even get them to pull up their freaking pants. Why? Because our school system is a government-owned and run (socialist) program. When our forefathers set up this nation kids were educated at home or in a private neighborhood school. The smart ones went on to higher learning and the dumb ones shoed horses. There wasn’t anything called: “No Child Left Behind”. You gotta leave some of them behind. They’re dumb. They drain society. Our public school system is a socialist program that has failed. Teach your own kids. If you’re smart then you get smart kids. If you’re dumb, then go shoe a horse.

#10: When our founding fathers wrote the constitution the air and water was pristine. Since the Environmental Protection Agency has been interfering in the energy industry our water and air quality has steadily declined while the cost of fuel has increased. I think this is clearly cause and effect and an obvious reason to eliminate this government-owned and run (socialist) program. The oil and coal companies have to breathe the same air and drink the same water we do. Self regulation is the only logical solution to this problem.


I hope you enjoyed my satirical voyage to the far right. It’s been pointed out to me that some folks have been taking my TOP TEN list seriously. Sorry folks, but this is satire and my attempt to point out how the term socialism is being misused. None of our social programs are socialism. However, the far right and the Tea Party folks like to misuse the term to scare people and sway elections. No one in their right mind would consider doing away with fire, police, military, public schools, the FDA, or the EPA. Except Rick Perry and I already said no one in their right mind. 

When social security and Medicare were first proposed there was a firestorm of opposition. Try to take them away from people today and you’d lose a hand… or an election. The same should be said about universal health care. It is shameful on a monumental scale that we are the only prosperous nation on the planet that doesn’t guarantee health care for all of its citizens. 

Did you know that in January of 1943 , President Roosevelt, in his state of the Union message, called for social insurance “from the cradle to the grave.”  

In 1947 President Truman, in another special health message to Congress, again requested a National Health Program. S. 1320 was introduced by Senators Wagner and Murray; Senator Taft’s bill also reintroduced (S. 545).

 It wasn’t until July 30, 1965 that medicare (as part of the Social Security Amendments of 1965) was signed into law by President Johnson. That’s a 20 year fight just to get something passed that we all take for granted now.

Social security was signed into law in 1935 and was patterned after similar systems operating successfully in Europe, including Germany’s system which started in the 19th century. Sound familiar? Every European nation offers healthcare to all.  Germany started theirs in 1883 and England in 1911.  At the rate we’re going my guess is we’ll be arguing about this for another 40 years and then our great-grandchildren will accept it as normal, just like police and fire protection.

During this heated political season let’s get our terms straight with a little help from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Definition of SOCIALISM        1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods   2- a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property  b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

Definition of COMMUNISM    1a : a theory advocating elimination of private property    b: a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed

Definition of CAPITALISM   : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

Definition of DEMOCRACY   1-a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority    b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections


32 comments on “Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated

  1. Man, quit givin obama a hard time cuz you don’t like black people. shit’s startn to piss me off, for real for real.

    Speaking of our children gettn dumber by the day… i bet if former president w. bush was a road worker you wouldn’t be sayin’ all this nonsense. word up.

    -Tylon Robinson

    • Tylon, Read the whole post. You missed the point. I checked out your blog and congrats on your work with Cisco!
      I certainly didn’t mean to piss off your shit, for real or for any other way.

      If former President Shrubby W. Bush were a road worker our country would be in much better shape today. He would have been leaning on a shovel and not screwing us up and getting a lot of soldiers killed!

      Word up right back to you.

      • I guess I did miss your point. I am all about private property too. If someone tried to come in my cell and put they hands on my setup shit would blow up like the god father. At the same time, I realize the second amendment is dead as I have some firearms charges on my record. I just wish we could all put race aside. One cool thing Cisco rolled out in my head is that there are no races in the technology world.

        When you say leaning on a shovel, you mean with a piece of straw hangin out his goofy grin shootin the shit allday, you know what i’m sayin!! haha. thanks for doin what you doin. more people should spark intelligent conversation. i hate firemen.

  2. nyeah, the tsa needs to go to hell and the epa is just carrying out their eugenics orders. black people don’t stand a chance and i’m startin to think all dem non-jews is screwed too. tell me i’m lyin!

    -Tylon Robinson

  3. Alan, what a great post it may be in jest but there is a lot of it true.

    Its great to see that the black people have equal rights in America and can achive anything, as long as they are not a dumb ass, lay about, murdering thief.

    Its great that you are free to give people shit, like Bush,Romney,Obama in some countries you would be beaten or shot.

    I hope your next rant is as good.

  4. Hey Alan, I would love to vote for you! It always cracks me up whenever I hear Americans talk about the “socialist” health system back in the UK if only because Americans wouldn’t know socialism (recent immigrants would be more familiar with the regime etc) if it bit them in the butt.
    Great rant and can’t wait for more!

      • Have to tell you Alan, there is one in the family. A Tottenham fan, that is.

        Thoroughly enjoying your use of the material at hand, the treasure just keeps piling up and up although I do miss Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann. But at least you have Rick back home in Texas, oh and GWB!

      • Sorry to hear about your family secret, Patti.
        We actually have a Chelsea fan in the family but we keep him locked up with odd Uncle Edmund who is still fighting the Kaiser. That actually keeps them all out of trouble and safe from embarrassing the rest of us.

  5. You speak for millions Alan. Wise, honest and warning us of the danger that lurk in Fire Engines. Bells were invented by commies in RED engines. I smell conspiracy and am off to set fire to a book or two in protest,

  6. Obviously Alan, this was tongue-in-cheek, but too near what a lot of idiots are saying. We want governments (state and national) to cut out all those social (socialistic-hah!) programs that help all those lazy worthless people, but just leave the ones that benefit US–the hard-working, honest, God-fearing (gun-toting?) citizens. I laugh at the term “socialist” to describe anything in the US. We are closer now to the era of the Robber Barons (use the index in your history book) than we have ever been since the government began to regulate some of the practices of big corporations and to protect the environment (remember Teddy Roosevelt–he was a Republican). I used to bemoan the fact that most people in the US graduated from high school (and probably college) without ever having read that little-bitty document called the Constitution of the United States of America. Now it has become obvious, in the discussion about “socialism,” that most of them didn’t have to work very hard or learn very much to pass American History. I don’t think it is particularly important to learn about the evils of communism today (monarchies are having a worse effect on their populations than North Korea and the other few truly Communist countries that are left–China doesn’t count–it’s far more capitalistic today than it is communistic). But it would amusing to hear and read the “Obama is a socialist-communist” tripe except that it says such horrible things about the teaching/learning of economics , history, and government in this country.
    My neighbor and I have come up with the perfect solution for those Tea Partiers and others who want to do away with government programs. Just let them OPT OUT. If they don’t want to pay taxes, they don’t have to. But they get no Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, SSI,or free school lunches. They also have to take their kids out of the public schools, and no more street maintenance, street lights, or police protection. 911 will block their calls. If they go to the emerency room and have no insurance, they will not be treated. If they call the fire department, they will be ignored. Etc. Etc. Now wouldn’t that be fair? (They would not have to stick their fingers in their ears when the tornado sirens go off.)
    How are the cats? Still living off the fat of the land without having to even catch a mouse? Shame! Shame! You’re just turning them into a bunch of little welfare toms and pussies.

    • Well Doris, all I can say is brilliant,well put, and concise! I love the plan for the opt-out. Everybody wants to eliminate the other person’s program. I would only add that taxing churches the same as other businesses would help the deficit problem.

  7. How about taxing all American’s who are over sixty and have a web site or blog, and all tax collected could be used on a program to help all the FAT American’s.

    This would keep the bill down and the strain off the health service ( which you don’t have ) and make people’s health better.

  8. Just Google “Obama Socialism” and you’ll get over 3 million hits. I think that speaks for itself!

    I just Googled “conservative morons” and got over 5 million hits! 🙂

  9. 1) be sure to save taxpayer money and let your house burn, your child choke or your wife lie and die from a heart attack while you watch. You’ll be doing your part to get off the socialist grid by not calling for help.

    2 & 3) unlike your spoiled and entitled lazy self, living in AC and driving your car to your cushy air conditioned office, before FDR put programs into effect such as Social Security, the Republicans were running the show and letting people live/die by their own devices – that included the economy. It was an epic failure resulting in the Great Depression. My father grew up during the great Depression. I am not an old fart (he had me later in his life). Like most men, after working with the CCC’s, he then joined the Army and fought in WWII. Funny how war always erupts when there’s an economic meltdown. I think that’s a convenient welfare ruse people somehow accept, but that’s a rant for another time. What I’m getting to though, is before programs like Social Security, the elderly, the disabled, etc… were left to rot and die if they did not have the financial means to support themselves or did not have any family. Is that humane? Where are your grandparents? How about your parents? Are you going to take care of them when they’re ill? Prob not. How about if you have a child with a disability? Throw them all out in the alley and just shoot them to stay a purist.

    4 & 5) The founding fathers also fought duels. That’s how Alexander Hamilton died against Burr. I think this should be reinstated.

    6) This is a management problem, not a program problem with road crews. Are you suggesting people pitch in and do the work together! What!? that sounds like a Socialist program. Don’t you know everyone wants to take? Giving is out of the question! Road works affect all people commonly who use the roads and is either a State managed program or, in Interstate matters, a federal gov’t managed program. Both are paid for by tax dollars and was covered by the 1st & 2nd continental congress Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, as well as the Federalist papers. The reason for the Constitution, was to beef up the Articles of Confederation after Shay’s Rebellion & give the central government more power to pull the states together and provide for the common good of all citizens by enabling the federal gov’t the power to enforce laws, control economic competition & tarrifs between states, and to collect taxes for programs like maintaining roads. Why don’t people pay attention in American Government class?

    7) I actually agree w/this one

    8) This is were we could learn a few lessons from our European counterparts. The problem here is that most American’s have never left the US and have absolutely no idea what is going on in the rest of the world. We live in boxes and dark little hidy holes. Just because we have a very small view of reality based on our backyard and same path we drive to work every day, doesn’t mean that is all there is. Other countries lead the pack in drug development, have more stringent safety requirements that the US and have the lowest cost to the consumer. It is the drug companies here that lobby the gov’t and hold back development of better drugs & prevent better drugs from being sold in the US. My personal favorite example is Strepcils. What!? You’ve never heard of them? That’s because Vick’s has the market cornered with cough drops that are nothing more than candy. If people in the US could buy Strepcils, Vicks would lose their asses. Strepcils actually do work by dehydrating bacteria that cause sore throats and is the world’s largest selling OTC cough drop – except in the US. Here, Corporate and Drug company profits hold us back – not the FDA.

    9) Yes, the public school system is a socialist program. Anyone who owns a home pays for the school system with their taxes. In states w/a state tax – I believe everyone pays there as well. Elderly w/no kids, singles with no kids, people who already pay for private school have to pay as well. What if you have 10 kids? You pay the same as some one who is only sending 1 kid. How about if you have kids, but don’t own a house and aren’t chipping in w/taxes? That is why I am an advocate of this whole K12 online schooling thing. My daughter hates it when kids are disruptive in class and she can’t pay attention. Parent’s don’t give a rats ass and use school as free day care. Parent’s should be held responsible for their kid’s progress in school. Back in my dad’s day (Depression) & before, if you wanted your kid to go to school you or some benefactor had to pay for it beyond a certain grade. School wasn’t something that was offered to everyone. It wasn’t an entitlement. The only way to reform this, is to charge people based on the # of kids they are enrolling and exempt people from paying that can prove they will not have or care for future children. Vasectomy?

    #10) you must be a product of the wonderful public school system you just hated on. Either that, or American Gov’t class was 1st period and you were sleeping. The EPA was established in 1970 by Richard Nixon, a Republican (also staunch anti-communist) via “Reorganization Plan #3” to consolidate a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. I’m surprised you hate something put into effect by a Republican. hmmmm. Anyway, the EPA does not have the power to act on it’s own and its enforcements are subject to the political agenda of who is in power – including the indirect power of lobbyists through each administration. However, many issues of environmental justice are localized, and are therefore hard to be addressed by federal agencies such as the EPA. Without significant media attention, political interest, or ‘crisis’ status, local issues are less likely to be addressed on local or federal level. This means that most enforcement occurs at the state level – not by the EPA.

    The realization of the value of wilderness and an appreciation of the consequences of its destruction dates back several centuries in America. For example, as early as 1652, the city of Boston established a public water supply, a step followed in the next century by several towns in Pennsylvania. By 1800, 17 municipalities had taken similar measures to protect their citizens against unfit drinking sources. Still, anyone living in the great cities of New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, and Boston just after the American revolution could not escape the ill-effects of expanding urbanization: the stench of sewage in near-by rivers; the unwholesome presence of animal and human wastes underfoot; the odors of rotting food; the jangling shouts of vendors in narrow lanes; and the constant grinding of hooves and iron wagon wheels on unpaved streets.
    Industrialism in the nineteenth century widened the impact of environmental degradation.

    The National Parks effort was a Teddy Roosevelt thing. Seems to get anything good done in this country, your last name has to be Roosevelt. During and after his Administration, the use and retention of natural resources became a preoccupation of government.

    President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal enacted a number of natural resource measures. The Soil Conservation Service, founded in 1935, applied scientific practices to reduce the erosion of agricultural land. The depletion of animal life received recognition in the passage of the 1937 Pittman-Robertson Act, establishing a fund for state fish and wildlife programs from the proceeds of federal taxes on hunting and fishing equipment. Most ambitious of all, the Tennessee Valley Authority erected nine dams and a string of massive generating stations.

    The definition of wilderness as an immense natural storehouse, subject to human management, changed after the Second World War. The growth of the cities also made plain the evils of pollution. Media stories covered radioactive fallout and its effect on the food chain, dangerous impurities in urban water supplies, and the deterioration of city air. The subtle metaphor of a “web of life,” in which all creatures depended upon one another for their mutual perpetuation, gained common currency. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson added the environment to their speeches and legislative programs. In his 1964 and 1965 messages to Congress, Lyndon Johnson spoke forcefully about safeguarding wilderness and repairing damaged environments.

    Just four months after his January 1969 inauguration, President Nixon established in his cabinet the Environmental Quality Council, as well as a complementary Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Environmental QuaIity. Pressing the initiative in his State of the Union Address three weeks later, the President proclaimed the new decade a period of environmental transformation. On February 10, he presented the House and Senate an unprecedented 37-point message on the environment, requesting four billion dollars for the improvement of water treatment facilities; asking for national air quality standards and stringent guidelines to lower motor vehicle emissions; and launching federally-funded research to reduce automobile pollution. Nixon also ordered a clean-up of federal facilities which had fouled air and water, sought legislation to end the dumping of wastes into the Great Lakes, proposed a tax on lead additives in gasoline, forwarded to Congress a plan to tighten safeguards on the seaborne transportation of oil, and approved a National Contingency Plan for the treatment of petroleum spills.

    So anyway, next time you go swimming in a lake or ocean, take a drink of water from a water fountain, get a glass of water from your sink, drive your car to work, eat something without being poisoned, use your high school education or college education that was probably financially assisted, go see your grandmother who probably receives gov’t assistance for drugs, doctor & SS, go to your job that isn’t a sweat shop of the industrial revolution, use FMLA to protect your job if you break your leg falling out of your attic, or heck, even write your crazy thoughts on the internet – thank these awful socialist programs that help make it happen.

    Funny thing is that everyone has their hand out and wants to take when it suits the, but no one wants to give anything in return.

    • Well acronymforme,
      This wasn’t a comment, it’s a whole ‘nother post! And it’s better written than my original post! I’m not sure whether I’m impressed or insulted. (Note to FOX news viewers… this comment is actually humorous sarcasm.)

      • Lol. Trust me – I’m not a watcher of Foxy news. I’m smarter than that. I subscribe to The Daily Show. I’m not a Republican either. I’m a member of the Cindy Party and I’m a fan of Thomas Jefferson.

  10. RE: Social Security. I have paid social security taxes for 50 years. Give it back to me and I will put it in a personal retirement account. It’s not an entitlement. An entitlement is something people have not worked for and feel that the government (or someone else) owes them because they exist. How about a public works program before food stamps, or penalizing people for having more kid than they can afford in order to get welfare. As for turning loose all the undocumented aliens, rent a few busses (or maybe a lot of them) and ship them back where they came from. If we can’t afford to pay our own bills, why are we handing out money to every third world country?

    • After reading thru these comments, I’m not always sure who is serious and who isn’t. I am sure a lot of conservatibves would approve penalizing people for having too many kids, unless of course the democrats proposed it in which case we would be hearing from Sarah Palin.

  11. For one thing, socialism does not mean communism. You can be capitalist and socialist at the same time like many european countries. The reason Obama is so into socialism it’s because he sees what other countries are doing and he sees how socialism is working well in these countries. Now, to argue your so called “facts”, fireman and ambulance are extremely important. If fireman don’t stop fires, these fires can spread into forests or just to other buildings near by. Without ambulances well, there would be just more saveable lives turned into deaths. Is that what you want? For your second argument, you say that poor should just get a job. That is very difficult when that person doesn’t have an university/college degree and can afford to pay for one. And the reason he doesn’t have any money is because capitalism exploited him to make rich people even richer. For your third argument, you guys are like the only country without free healthcare. This thing can save your life or your friends life for free! And it doesn’t even cause problems to the economy. Look at Canada, and a lot of european countries. For your argument against road worker, well, where did all the roads come from then? For your 9th argument, you say your children are getting dumber. Well, maybe it’s cause you barely put into money into your education system. In the end, capitalism is vey good to make money. Socialism is extremely good for many things concerning the population. Put these two together and boom, better, more balanced and intelligent society. This is no dream, this is a reality as it is happening in other countries. Welcome to the 21th century 🙂

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