Hold the cesium: Ways to reduce radiation in your diet | The Japan Times Online

The next time your shopping think about our friends in Japan. While we look for healthy choices in our diets, they are too. But with other considerations in mind. We don’t often ask ourselves,

“Gee, I wonder if the radiation levels in this lettuce is safe?”

Hold the Cesium-Japan Times

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Japan asks: Who wants to buy a geiger counter?

News from Japan has dropped off the radar as more important stories have moved up the USA headline list. I was texting with an acquaintance in Japan as he continued to beat me in Words With Friends. He is an American who lives and teaches in the center of Japan.  Roughly 12 hours before there had been another 7.3 earhtqualke, which is not unusual. The nuclear plant was unaffected and most citizen’s took it in stride.

I asked him for an update on the average citizen’s situation after the tsunami and nuclear accident.

He’s worried about radiation exposure in the food his kids are eating. The Japanese government assures their citizen’s of the food supply’s safety. But, as any thinking person would, he doubts the official word. Kids in the Fukushima prefecture have already been found to have radiation exposure. He doesn’t know how far the radiation has spread.

His wish is for a Geiger counter. What?

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