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You never know where the road will take you....

I often think about the forks in the road through life. What would have happened if one particular event hadn’t occurred and caused me to go in one direction instead of another?  That’s the story of most people’s lives. Not the huge decisions, but the little choices you’ve made that caused long-lasting repercussions.

I try to mix humor with some personal insights. I will occasionally fall into a rant. You may agree or disagree with me but that’s part of the trip.  Sometimes it works and sometimes… well you know how that goes.

I post weekly so please subscribe and you may enjoy that weekly trip down a scenic fork in the road.

The opinions here are my own and so are the blatant mistakes and factual errors. I welcome and anticipate your comments, corrections and general feedback. Feel free to call me an uninformed buffoon. However, if you do, you have start at the back of the line. There are many folks ahead of you saying the same thing.

Thanks for your time,



28 comments on “About

  1. Sometimes I am grateful not to have known where the road leads, preferring to think I have perhaps been kidnapped, abducted by aliens and that my messy life has nothing to do with me!

    Love your bits and pieces and coming back for more. Thank you!

      • No, I stopped watching football years ago when my team were relegated out of existence. Do you follow the Premiership?

      • Yes I do. It’s very frustrating being an Arsenal fan. Or a fan of any Premiere league team. I started watching when a friend invited me to join the early morning sports bar group that watches the games here in Texas. There are fans from across the globe that gather to watch the games and trade insults. We’ll never match British football fans but it’s fun. I really want to write a post about why Brit football is so much more enjoyable than American football but I fear for my safety. I’m not Salmon Rushdie.
        Sorry about your team being relegated. That has to hurt.

    • Thanks for finally discovering my blog. I guess those mass e-mails I sent out finally worked. Compared to your art this is a minor endeavor. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an action packed minute!

  2. Alan, late at night here in the UK where I am at the moment – watching Match of the Day, Arsenal v Bolton! You should be happy! We are, if only because we are cosy by the fire on a chill autumn night. Hope all good for you Tx.

    • Patti, It was a great game. We are warm and cozy here in Texas, too. But only because we set another record for days over 100 degrees (F). Thanks for keeping up with me! You are always an inspiration.

    • You will not get rid of me that easily. I have been lurking and reading more than posting. I’ve also been busy with human interaction on a face to face level. I don’t like it much so I’m back to virtual communication. I haven’t missed any of your posts or comments. I’ve tried, but I haven’t missed any!

  3. The forks on the road is less treacherous than the fork on my plate, but that’s just my crazy appetite talking. Many readers and bloggers are looking for kindred souls reflecting on life and finding the humor in existence. Looking forward to reading your opinions and not minding your “blatant mistakes and factual errors.”

  4. Hello Alan, I found you through H.E. ELLIS….and seeing as how we both seem to be card-carrying members of the Neil C. Reinhardt admiration society….. You now have a new subscriber. If only dear Neil realized that his anti-social comments are actually HELPING those authors who’s pages he graces…. ha ha 🙂 Have a great weekend Alan.

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