Herman Cain is the Anti-Christ: Truth Revealed

Herman Cain is the Anti-Christ

I think it's clear whose side Herman Cain is on.

It’s time to set partisan politics aside and acknowledge that Herman Cain is the Anti-Christ. The signs are obvious to anyone who is not afraid to look. There is both Biblical prophecy and more importantly a Nostradamus Quatrain to support this stance. Continue reading

Duct Tape, Plumbing, and Amputee Kludge

Give a man a roll of duct tape and he can fix stuff. Teach a man to use a roll of duct tape and he can rule the world.

Men like to fix stuff. I say men, because women tend to hire professionals to fix stuff. Women are no fun.

This was illustrated in my life by two recent events. First, my good friend Jim sent me a link to his favorite site where many manly do-it-yourself repairs are shown in all their glory. We’ll get to that a little later… Continue reading

Trick or Treat for Condoms

Famine Biafra Anwa, Biafra, Aug. 5, 1968

A line of starving African children in 1968. (Photo credit: http://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-717823.128.html)

A half century ago I participated in “Trick or Treat for UNICEF”. Children across the country dressed up in their costumes on Halloween and went door to door collecting pennies for the starving children in Africa. At school we were shown horrific pictures of emaciated African children who looked much like us, except for distended bellies and the flies crawling across their faces. None of us had ever known hunger or want. We were all little middle class American children who had plenty to eat, clothes to wear and a secure home to live in. Even the poorest among us lived like kings compared to those pathetic kids in Africa. We were all eager to help. The situation seemed very simple to our childish minds. There are a bunch of starving kids. We have plenty of food. Let’s send them some of our food. Then they won’t be starving anymore.

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