Mean Woman has the answer

Mean Woman has the answer. It’s the only plausible answer I’ve found.


Since Thursday night, there has been little discussion among political junkies and pundits about anything other than President Obama’s dismal performance in his first debate against Mitt Romney.  Everyone is asking, What happened?  Where was Obama?  Why was such a smart, skilled, talented orator so subdued and seemingly detached that evening, while his opponent seemed to run circles around him?

I haven’t heard any good explanations, or really any explanations at all.  But I think I’ve figured it out.

Besides being the night of the first Presidential debate, October 3, 2012 was also Barack and Michelle Obama’s 20th wedding anniversary.

And as much as many of us admire President Obama, he is still human.  He is a man.

And what do men often do when it comes to anniversaries?  HE FORGOT!

Well, he did remember at the beginning of the debate, as he wished his lovely wife a happy anniversary…

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Chronic Advice Farts

I awoke this morning with a tremendous pressure on my brain. It was as though something needed to escape… an embolism of good intent swelling against my better judgement. It was insight that had to be shared. It was a Chronic Advice Fart.

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