A Truly Black Friday

In war there is the phrase, “acceptable losses”. In the economic war of our current recession it seems that for Walmart the injuries and death at their Black Friday Chaos Race falls under the guise of “acceptable losses” in the name of remaining #1. Continue reading

Too Many Inventions


Thomas Edison is spinning in his grave.

The hallmark of mankind is his (or her) ability to shape his environment to suit his needs. Earliest humans began by shaping sticks and stones into tools. Over the millennium we have advanced from the simple technology of a hollowed-out gourd to space travel. Somewhere during this journey we seemed to have gotten off track. We now invent for the sake of invention. It’s not pretty.   Continue reading

Pole Dancing for Jesus

I’m writing this week’s post In The Name Of Jesus! Why? Well why not. It appears that everything Christians want to do they just stick, “In The Name Of Jesus!” after it and for some reason it becomes relevant and acceptable. Some of these causes are quite positive: Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Home the Homeless, etc. Some are quite negative: Blow Up the Clinic of the Non-Exploded, Shoot the Doctor you Don’t Agree With, Picket the Dead Soldier Who Died for Your Right to Picket, etc.

And then we have the just plain silly: Pole Dancing for Jesus.  Continue reading