Obamacare for Dummies: A Simple Explanation for Thinking People.

Our current healthcare system is not a system and it’s not about caring for anyone’s health. It’s about CEO bonuses, stockholder dividends, and return on investment. Our healthcare system is a cluster-fuck. It’s a cluster-fuck system that bankrupts many of the middle class.

Some say Obama is a savior and some say Obama is the devil. He’s really neither. What he is is the guy whose had the balls to actually put a reasonably fair plan together.   

Obama is in the same position as the politicians who pushed through Social Security and Medicare. At their inception those ‘new’ programs were going to bankrupt the country, bring socialism and communism to America, and blah blah blah… Didn’t happen, did it? Now these two programs are our “sacred cows”. Go figure.

Our government is now forcing us to buy health insurance. Oh no!    How could they?   Cry freedom!   Cite the founding fathers!  It’s a TAX!   Oh no, it’s a FEE!   Gnashing of teeth and screaming of hyperbole!   It’s unprecedented.  The government jackboots can’t do that!

Well yes they can. They do it every day and YOU support it!

I’m forced to pay for a lot of your crap that I don’t want to pay for. I’m forced to pay to educate your lazy ass kid. I’m forced to pay the cop that brings your drunken self to jail. I’m forced to pay for the firemen who put out your house fire when you thought it was a good idea to use gasoline instead of charcoal starter on your barbecue. I’m forced to pay to have the lawn mowed on an interstate highway in North Da-freakin’-kota! I’ve never even been to North Da-freakin’-kota and I’m paying to maintain the highway! That just pisses me off!

Stop and think about it for a minute…

Our government forces us to pay for schools whether we have kids or not. Every person pays for it whether they own or rent. You have no choice. (Hint: It’s the property tax, and sales tax etc.)

Our government forces us to pay for bombs that kill people. (Hint: Income tax)

Our government forces us to buy auto liability insurance if we care to drive.

Our government forces us to pay for Medicare and Social Security.

Our government forces us to pay for police and fire.

Our government forces us to pay for roads.

The list is endless. Get over it.

Stop calling it socialism.

Buy a dictionary.

By the way, it’s called the Affordable Care Act because it’s about care and it’s affordable. We already have healthcare for all… It’s called the emergency room.

We are already paying for all the people who don’t have insurance. We’re just doing it in our typical American fashion of management by crisis. (see Cluster-Fuck above)

Say your kid has a cold and it gets worse until you’re afraid the kid’s going to die.  You line up at the emergency room where the government says you can’t be turned away. (Ironic, huh? Typical cluster-fuck thinking.) What could have been cured or treated with a clinic visit is now pneumonia and the bill is many thousands of dollars. Who pays it? YOU DO! In increased health costs, increased premiums etc.

Do you already have healthcare insurance like 80% of Americans? Then shut up and be grateful. It only affects you by guaranteeing that when the wonderful private sector lays your ass off you can still get coverage. It means you can’t be denied for pre-existing conditions. You can’t be dropped by the insurance company because you actually got sick.

If you would actually like to know how the new system works, click on the graphic and take a look. It will take about 10 minutes to read the basics.  If you’d rather just watch FOX news, then I really can’t help you. I just hope you don’t lose your job or get sick.

If you would actually like to know how the new system works, click on the graphic and take a look. It will take about 10 minutes to read the basics.

If you would actually like to know how the new system works, click on the graphic and take a look. It will take about 10 minutes to read the basics.

How does Obamacare benefit you?


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  1. Great Alan! Sent this along to some friends of mine. Unfortunately, the ones who need to read it, pass it off as liberal bias……. truth just scares the hell out of conservatives…..

  2. Completely offended by this Alan. Really? Really? North Da -freakin’ kota… come on now. Don’t hate NoDak. It’s a lovely state and you’d know that if you visited. Or you can just walk down the street and visit a North Dakotan. 🙂

    • I don’t even think it’s a real place. Even if there were a Dakota land, why would anyone feel a need to split it in two? Not enough desolation? I’m going to look it up on Wikipedia and I’ll get back to you.

  3. I hope the new health insurance deals with seizures – because that’s the coverage I’ll need the first time Arsenal wear their away kits.

    Btw, great article.

      • I think you are wrong the 80% who have heath care now have nothing to worry about. 40 to 50 % will loose insurance due to companies changing workers statis to part time,also paying fine for not providing care is cheaper than the insurance,it is already happening with company who owns all steak houses ,red lobster ect this applies to all workers even managers. with the addition of all these people on the exchanges.paying for heath care the economy will crash and put alot of people out of work . due to fed forcing people to pay for healthcare they will not have any money to buy goods to keep every body working.even if you tax the evil rich at 90% thier is not enough money in the country to pay for all this .these laws and plolicies are designed to keep more than 50% of people on government entitlements .to give power to dems who will make you believe that if they are not in power you will loose all entitlements.soon they will tell you what and how much you can eat and drink wake up people obama care is not free you must pay for your own health care now with some subsities. i hope you will now have enough money left to pay for your heat. they are already forcingf fuel costs up to push their corbon exchanges on all of us soon you will be walking to get your government food stamps and your alotment of power that you will have to buy through an exchange . note exchanges are owned by obama and gore and his dubai buddies that paid for the cool presidenst college.

      • And with the money I’m saving on my health insurance, I’m going to pay to send jayjay back to school so he can learn how to spell.

  4. Just had this debate at work. But Obama haters will never see the truth of things. (I love the way yu just lay it out there Alan.)

  5. I’m an Australian with a very keen interest in America and Americans. In particular, I like to watch how the conservatives get the panties in a bunch and spout of very “Fox-News” type drivel. Today alone, someone I always have to hear the Obama-bashing from told me that Obama is flushing this country down the toilet and because she and her husband already get free veteran’s insurance etc, they’ll be taxed through the wahzoo with Obamacare. She even mentioned that, as a senior, she’d be taxed an additional $6400 per year by Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which is funny, considering it’s actually the plans which Mitt Romney has in his back pocket that will cost her money. For these people, it’s always been about the fact that he’s a) black and b) a democrat. His ability to be president has never been about anything for these people.. Thanks for the article, I have forwarded to them, but of course, falling on the deaf ears of blind republican “tea party” supporters.

      • Charlie, don’t try to understand liberal logic. The only thing I learned here is that Jesse is an Australian that dreams to be in the American DNC and that his friend watches FOX news (cue evil music), AND he’s a race-baiter. Why is it that Obama supporters want to discuss Obama’s skin color instead of his policies? It’s their fall-back. I don’t think the majority of Americans care what color he is. But political bullies know that if they bring up race the other side will withdraw from the conversation.

  6. Add “state” to the our government parts and you’d be right which is why the Massachusetts health care insurance reform law is fine where as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been ruled unconstitutional twice.

  7. i think this guy is a pandering jerk who doesn’t know what he is talking about…sort of like that other jerk liberal michael moore who so twists the truth that only jerks can agree with him..

  8. First off – I think your article provided some nice clarification in simple terms – and provides some hope for people like me who don’t support Obamacare. But, people (particularly in medical device fields) are getting laid off because of the spectre of Obamacare. It’s going to get messy and I think that’s exactly what this administration wants – a nation of dependents.

    Secondly – can we just lay off the Fox News rhetoric? It’s getting old. Just don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Fox News skews right I’m not arguing that. But, if you don’t think there are many more news outlets that skew left you’re just blind.

    Now, more than ever, the country is divided and both sides paint the other as extremists, but most of us fall in the middle. I’m a Republican and when I’m not kicking old people or drowning puppies I’m trying to get along with everyone and listen to their opinions.

    Let me say this though, I hope the Obama Administration has success like no other in history. My future, my daughters future, our future depends on his success.

    • I’m with you Daryl. I’m neither a republican or democrat, conservative or liberal. I don’t care much one way or the other about churches or politicians. I am pro-choice and pro-life. I do, however, feel strongly about women’s rights, the rights of the already born and equal right to healthcare. I believe our futures depend on this administration’s success as well.

    • Fox “news” makes up stuff wholesale. They lie. Other news outlets don’t do that. It’s far worse than slant– they’re the propaganda and fundraising wing of the GOP. If you want the truth you don’t watch Fox. If you want to be less-informed than people who watch no news then you want Fox. Don’t make excuses for Fox, because they’re not comparable to mainstream news outlets– they’re in a class by themselves, and are responsible for the polarization you mentioned, and for mainstreaming racism and religious bigotry. All the crazy stuff coming out of the GOP these days? Used to be you had to hunt down obscure night-time AM radio stations to hear it. It was fringe. Now it’s core GOP platform.

      Oh, and that culture of dependency baloney? Care to back it up with some evidence? Perhaps you believe that tens of millions of working Americans with good jobs and homes all at once, in the most massive conspiracy in history, chose to lose their jobs and embark on a luxurious public assistance lifestyles. A few hundred in food stamps here, a little bit of rent assistance in sub-standard housing there, and voila! Fat city! I guess you forgot that the previous Administration bankrupted the US and caused a global economic meltdown. That’s not partisan, that is a plain fact. Don’t blame the victims of it, who are getting by the best they can.

      • Wow. Do you watch MSNBC? Sounds like you are knocking down a bunch of straw men. I know they like to do that (and I only know that because I watch for shits and giggles, not actual “news”).

  9. I have been trying to argue with some Obamacare haters online, and it is maddening. They make statements like, “You will only get treated for an illness once.” “Obozocare is the biggest tax increase in history.” “No one will take medicare anymore.” and “50% to 80% of our doctors are leaving their professions – pretty drastic, isn’t it – or moving abroad, because they can’t treat people anymore.” Everytime I ask someone to provide specifics, they can’t, or simply won’t. I haven’t been condescending or nasty, just interested to know where everyone is getting this information. Oh, my favorite; because our health care system now resembles – no it doesn’t – Europe’s system, we are headed for a huge economic crash.

    I will be forwarding this page, possibly parroting some of the best lines, and I’m pretty certain the people that need the education will plug their ears and go…”nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah…” Scary.

    • Its true doctors are leaving their private practices. My mom is on medicare and she is lucky to even have a doctor because many doctors in private practice where she lives are closing their businesses and retiring or going to work for the hospitals. They can not afford to keep taking all the medicare patients that they are required to take because the reimbursement is so low they can not afford to stay in business. Therefore my mom is a the mercy of her doctor which is not efficient at all, but my mom has no choice because most doctors in her town are not taking new medicare patients. She has not choices, that is what Obamacare is doing, its taking away your choices. And for companies who are providing healthcare you should see the crap we have to go through just on a payroll level to break out every nickel and dime of our employees health care costs. I should know cause I do payroll at my job. And its true what others are saying about companies laying off workers or moving them to part time status. They would rather pay the fees than provide the health care costs and all the red tape that goes with it. So those of you who think you know what you are taking about don’t. Start listening to people who are already witnessing the cost and effects of obamacare and its not even in full force yet. Wake up people.

  10. Despite these explanations, i’m still very concerned why 2 of my doctors had basically told me they wouldn’t be able to afford treating me (with an existing condition) if this plan went into full effect? I think it would have been fair if your dummie message included the impact on and prospective from the healthcare professionals. And in anticipation of those possible harsh comments- my doctors DO care about me and my progress.

    • You are right on Diane. I am a Nurse Practitioner/healthcare provider. I care very much about my patients. However, I am concerned no where in Obamacare (and I admittedly have not read all there is to read) is there any mention of regulation of insurers’ ability to decrease reimbursement to providers of care. Trust me, no one goes down the nursing career path expecting to get rich. But….. I do expect to be compensated fairly for my level of expertise and the services I provide. The insurance companies seem to disagree. And no one is monitoring them. I may not change career paths as a result of Obamacare, but those twenty-something’s sitting in the lecture halls of Harvard, UPenn, and even state schools are re-thinking this whole “I want to be a doctor when I grow up” thing. Who in their right mind pays hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of their life on an education that will earn them a paycheck of….100K a year? The answer? Nobody with the ability to do simple math. Physicians already in practice are opting to go the ‘fee for service’ route. Meaning, “you pay me my fee for this service…. Here’s your receipt….. You go to battle with your insurance company for reimbursement…..”. A recent conversation has lead me to believe practitioners will be MANDATED to accept insurance….. Now back to my original point….the gov’t cannot/ should not do this without monitoring insurance reimbursement rates to healthcare providers. As an example, each day I perform 1-2 hour psychiatric evaluations on children and adolescents and then prescribe and manage medication if warranted. I am taking on a tremendous amount of responsibility, liability, to the extent I am required to maintain and pay for a state and federal DEA license, a nursing license, national professional certification, continuing education, and malpractice insurance. What is fair reimbursement for this service? Most insurance companies believe its worth…. Oh….. about…..an average of $40 depending on the insurance company. I have started to ask myself , “Do I really want to take this on for 20-40$ an hour?” Physicians won’t and don’t. Instead, 4 or maybe 5 evaluations are crammed into an hour to maximize earnings. THAT my friends, be you right, left, up, down, or sideways, is truly frightening. Yes, more people will have access to healthcare. My question is what kind of healthcare?

    • Your doctors are very ignorant of the coming changes then. Instead of getting rich from being a doctor, they are going to make a livable wage. THAT’s the problem they have!

  11. More people should read this. & stop being so close-minded to change simply bc they don’t like the person it’s coming from. I had asked a friend what their feelings on this were & they came back with something so way off the charts. Turns out they had no idea what Obamacare is really about — which is the problem most people seem to be having

  12. As I was searching from some real truth about Obamacare I came upon this article. Obviously FOX news is skewed to the right. And you are skewed to the left. All the things you listed above that we have to pay for that are actually run by the federal government (education, medicaid and social security) aren’t run well. For the money we put into our education, the quality is poor. The money should be attached to the kids and the parents should choose the school to promote competition, that WILL solve the problem. SS is depleted. And Medicaid…anyone here try to find a doctor for someone on Medicaid? I have. It’s not easy. Most doctors are “not accepting new patients”. So coverage does NOT EQUAL treatment.
    The things we pay for that are run well, such as roads, police, fire departments, are run by the state. And auto insurance is required but offered by private companies. That’s is why it works and that is why Obamacare will function like all other federally run programs…poorly!

  13. And by the way, I just clicked on your link… I don’t want to know what Obama has to say about Obamacare! I (and I would think most others) want to know what a knowledgeable non-partisan group thinks about Obamacare.

  14. I think that American’s current healthcare costs per person are in many cases 10 times more (per person), than in any other 1st world country. Yes, 5 to 10 times more than in England, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy…and yet, there are 50 million americans that have no coverage whatsoever, double that amount that have poor coverage. This is all fits the “cluster-fuck” definition of a system above pretty well…and the reason is simply that it is all mostly in the hands of private companies that make costs unrealistically high for profit. I say this to those that believe that since Medicaid is poorly run so will the new plan. The reason why Medicaid struggles to the point of leaving 50 million people without coverage is because unlike in the rest of the first world Medicaid has to co-exist with the private sector, from pharmaceutical to insurance companies that as rightfully explained care more about profit margins than providing efficient and proper care. Obama’s plan is a middle of the road plan, it still has goverment co-existing with the private sector but it does make a serious attempt to providing care for more americans at perhaps a lower cost. Ideally, the entire cancerous private health care sector should have been taken out of the picture, but Obama might have become the newest addition to the list of assassinated American presidents if he had pursued that plan. In the end Obama care makes tremendous sense.

    • The reason the US has the best health care in the world is because of our “cancerous private health care sector” which promotes competition. I certainly believe the system needs attention and everyone needs access to affordable healthcare. But why do we need to follow the model of other countries (which is the direction we are going in)? Couldn’t we have done better? There must have been other options. Our biggest problem in this country right now is two parties who refuse to work together. That is how we ended up with a mediocre rush job like Obamacare.

      • Who competes? Not private Insurance companies, not hospitals, not drug companies. This industry is not held to true free market competition. That is how we ended up with for profit companies receiving most of the benefits. They are going to have 30 million new customers subsidized by the government (you and me) and the law although it cuts the current average 43-47% they make in profits to 20% they still get a guaranteed 30 million new customers. The administration costs of Medicare which every one loves are 3% just recently up from 2%. Explain compete???

      • For Lauren Swick:
        Compete: Hospital A provides service X with a mediocre care and/or outcome. Hospital B provides service X with better care and/or outcome. Choose one. And you are right, this country does not have a free market for health care. This lack of competition is granted by our federal policies (so it is because of government, not in spite of government (coming soon: the healthcare bailout, without which our country will cease to exist as we know it)). Instead of addressing that problem this administration went in the opposite direction. FYI, there are places that have used free market economics to drive down health care costs without quality. It requires at least two things: 1. remove the third party (yes, people would have to save money), 2. POST PRICES so people know what they are buying, and they need to have a responsibility for paying the cost. Here is an example from OK:
        I know it has been successfully used in other states too (CA for example).
        Now, I know there are a lot of bleeding hearts out there going what about the people that don’t have the money? All those babies and grandma’s will die! Now who wants that? I don’t propose complete lack of compassion. But at the very least this compassion should be coming from local communities/ states, not federal bureaucracies 1000’s of miles away.

  15. I know many good, hard-working people whom Obamacare is going to help, but I don’t dare say/write that where my sphere of influence will hear/see because I am surrounded by angry people. My friends are willing to give up life-long friendships because they feel so strongly about publicly defending their beliefs at any expense. I kept quiet during the election because I don’t want to be at odds with my friends and even my twin sister. I wish I could send this article to them because it sums up everything I wish I could say. Maybe Obamacare isn’t perfect, maybe it’ll need some tweaking, but I believe President Obama really cares about this country and I don’t believe that he, the Democrats, and anyone who supports Obamacare is out to destroy our great country. I keep reading sarcastic suggestions that people had better take great care of their health because of Obamacare. Maybe if people had been taken great care of their health all along the current state of health care wouldn’t be what it is. I support change and I support President Obama!

      • Your argument is that you are already forced to pay for all these things that you don’t want to pay for. If that is the case why would you won’t to be forced to pay for another bad program ran by the government, when society has proven that a free people enterprise system can do things much better and cheaper than the government. The more power that the government has, the less power that the people have. Name one country that National Healthcare has been successful in. You thought our healthcare system was bad before, just wait until this mess goes in effect. If the idea is so good, why couldn’t Obama get his own party to join him in voting for it?

  16. As a result of Obamacare, I will be losing my current healthcare coverage, and I won’t be able to afford the minimum coverage mandated by Obamacare (currently estimated at $5,000 per year per person). So I will pay the tax and be worse off.

    Other employees will be made into part time workers. They also won’t be covered anymore by their employer provided policy. These part time employees will either have to buy minimum mandated heath insurance coverage on their own through the Exchanges or will have to pay the tax. Many won’t be able to afford the insurance and will be taxed. They will be worse off.

    Other full time employees will be asked to contribute more to their health insurance costs, since these will be going up. They will be going up because of the minimum mandated coverages (such as contraception and pregnancy, which will be included in men’s plans; and prostate cancer which will be included in women’s plans). They will also increase because pre-existing conditions will be covered, which will be expensive. So if you’re healthy, you’ll be paying more.

    It should add to unemployment and make it more difficult for those without a job to obtain one. Why? Because it increases the cost to the employer of hiring you.

    If you want less of something, you tax it. That’s why we tax cigarettes. We want less smokers.

    If you want less employees, you tax it. Forcing companies to provide generous coverage to full time workers is a tax on the activity of employing people. So, fewer people will be full time. And those who are working full time will receive less in salary.

    There will be good effects, such as more robots and automated check-out lines.

  17. If you want to read support for the $ 5,000 per person figure, you can google “ObamaCare: Rhetoric Vs. Reality,” an article written by Robert Samuelson, who I believe is a Democrat. The article also mentions some of the things I’ve been seeing, such as the shift to part time workers. That will be just one of many unintended effects of a law that nobody understands. The law and the regulations that will accompany it will be many thousands of pages. Nobody can comprehend the effects or predict the results of such a thing.

  18. So all of these big corporations, who are solely responsible to be profitable to their shareholders (secure a profit) are laying off employees, shifting full time employees to part time status, and not hiring any employees, are doing so because they don’t understand the many thousands of pages of Obummercare? That is absurd, government mandated (forced) healthcare is absurd, and our socialist future is yours to enjoy.

  19. Can anyone difinitively say exactly what the massive bill contains? How many pages are in the bill? And…..it was authored by those who do not have to use the same healthcare we do nor do they have to worry about selecting a healthcare plan every year!

  20. Hum…so, I just came across your blog as I was researching Obamacare; and after reading your post, I have a question. It seems that, if your logic is right, Obamacare may actually lower my taxes.

    The logic for this? Well, if all the uninsured now have to pay for their own healthcare then my taxes, which in part pay for the care of the uninsured, will go down.

    Do you think this will happen once this is enacted? Seriously, I wanna know the answer to that question-because if that’s true, it will be a profitable for those who already have healthcare….right?

  21. Very bad article, and it is demeaning to people who know the truth about insurance and healthcare as is! There was no need to over haul the entire system and yes it is socialism when the government is one step closer to control of all systems. This is just a smaller step of completely taking over the healthcare system. If Obama said we all will have the govt hospital, then no one would have signed that bill. He is doing it very strategically by allowing the rest of the lucky “80%” as you said to keep their current plans. This will not make competative prices in the healthcare world of America and acutually drive most doctors to quit or not even go into the business..

  22. every doctor I have spoken to about this insurance plan is not very hopefull of a good outcome. some have said that they will retire early, some are looking at working their remaining working years in a hospital group as part time employees, others are looking into a “cash-only” office. they will not bill insurance, medicare nor will they accept medicaid patience. as a retiree – I still pay my insurance premium to be covered under the plan I had for 30 years while working – but if the company decides to cancel all insurance for everyone and pay the “fine” instead (which would be cheaper for them), then I will have no coverage. I truly hope it is as successful as you all say it is going to be – but from all of the info I am getting from medical professionals – it doesnt look that way.

  23. Alan….there is something I can not get an answer to anywhere….I am a Vietnam -era 100% disabled combat veteran as rated by the VA….. I also have federally-funded health insurance for my retirement after many years as a federal law enforcement officer….I currently receive 100% of my medical care from the VA….How will ObamaCare effect me??

  24. I will admit that I do not align myself with one party or the other anymore. I am tired of the empty promises and outright lies by both sides of the isle. This administration has been a let down from the beginning. Closed door sessions on the health care bill coupled with “we must sign it before we can see what’s in it” foster great feelings of skepticism in a man whom is already weary of this situation. As a military and law enforcement veteran, I have great disdain for anyone as closely associated with the likes of Bill Ayers. We still haven’t heard a cohesive explanation about Ambassador Stevens and the three former SEALs, Agent Terry and Fast and Furious, the exoneration of racists and convicted criminals …. and the list can trail on for a while but I am sure you get the picture. Anything I read now I can’t trust and the 2000+ pages that not even the legislature had time or desire to read was too much legal-ese for me to go through and retain sanity.

    Thank you for your two cents worth. I enjoyed the read.

  25. This isn’t a left-right issue. But through divide and conquer they can get us to avoid the bigger picture.

    Public education, aka government brainwashing camp, is a failure. Our kids are stupid compared to other nations because of it

    Two wrongs do not make a right, but that seems to be the crux of this article. “We already pay for this, therefore it is good to pay for that.” FALLACY.

    When the government forces the public to pay for private goods, it is called “corporate fascism”.

    I don’t care if it is a rePUBICan, or a demoCRAP. This is unheard of in a free Republic.

    This isn’t about “Fox News”, which I STOPPED watching years ago.

    But if you can make it that way, people will argue over what channel they watch, like the World Wrestling Fedweration, two rigged games, and the BS continues unseen.

  26. In my previous post, I’ve made it clear that I don’t care if it is a rePUBICan or a demoCRAP, just in case you decide to leave that out and get your readers to think I am one or the other.

    Obama has become just what a few have predicted: George Bush on steroids.

    Should I do your research for you, and tell you how many companies have either laid-off of cut the hours of their employees in order to avoid Obamacare and stay in business?

    Tell me how those employees will pay for rent, increasing food costs, increasing gasoline costs, and increasing taxes.

    Oh, I forgot. YOU are going to help them pay for it, and out of the kindness of your heart, right? No, the governmnet will FORCE you to. But you’ve already detertmined that it’s OK, since it forces you to pay for everything else.

    What what a peace prize winner we have in Washington, killing one or two terrorists through drone attacks while blowing up women and children… Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “collateral damage”…while pretending to be sad over the tragedy in Conneticut.

    Obama signed the NDAA, allowing for the secret arrest and imprisonment of Americans without judge or jury. Could you imagine what the outcry would have been if Bush had done that? But it’s OK, it’s Obama, and he’s a Democrat.

    I thought supporting terrorism was a crime, but we have no problem supporting the anti-government terrorists in Syria. Lybia is run by Al Quada now. And why not? They’re a CIA asset.

    Are you ready for war with Syria, Iran, and Russia and China? We have the pefect leqadership in Washingtom for just that.

  27. I don’t make a lot of money. I’m going to HAVE to pay for something I don’t need and will never use. Even if I do go to the hospital the deductible on my coverage is going to be crazy high, just to keep it affordable. Ergo I will be paying most, if not all of the cost out of pocket anyway. what am I getting out of this? I don’t have any opinion on stupid lame politics, but I can do the math. It’s very simple. its going to cost me a lot of money. money I don’t have.
    OH yeah, one more thing that’s kinda funny. people are going to have to get 2nd and possibly 3rd jobs because the employers are cutting their hours to almost nothing in order to sidestep paying for the benefits.

  28. If you don’t make “a lot of money” odds are you are going to get a subsidy that will cover much of your premium. Go to the Kaiser Calculator website and do the math. For example, earning about $16,000 a year in 2014, I see that I can get a $7000/yr policy, with an actuarial value of 94%, for about $35 a month! It actually has a low enough deductible that I’ll actually be able to afford to access the care! This is a huge improvement over the high-deductible, $400/mo premium “plan” I have now.
    Was “Obamacare” good policy? Maybe not. But am I going to pass it up? Nope. .

  29. You know, if you can’t disseminate the information without the vulgarity, don’t expect anybody to be able to share it to any friends or family. It destroys the credibility of any information it might contain. Thanks for trying — I was hoping for a real “For Dummies” to share with my backward-ass kinfolk. I use profanity liberally, but not when trying to make a politically motivated post which I am going to share with folks who will already be critical without reading the content, so it’s not that I’m a prude, it is just not appropriate. Thanks for trying.

  30. if it’s such a good thing, tell me why our elected officials get to keep their high end healthcare paid for by us, the tax payers. the reason many people don’t have healthcare is because they can’t afford it. this new healthcare is not ‘affordable’ to those same people. you may have a lower monthly premium, but your out of pocket co-pays will be higher. Don’t slam the uninsured until you have walked in their shoes. Also, older people will pay more, why? because you are older and may have more health issues. Can you afford this on a fixed income?? I am thankful for my coverage thru work, but we have already been warned that the cost is going up considerably next year. Thank you Obama.

  31. I am all for the Affordable Care Act. I am against vulgarity in an article meant to explain what the ACA is. This would have been a fine article without the ‘F’ words and without insulting the state of North Dakota. I have no ties with that state whatsoever. Calling it “Noth freaking Dakota” was totally uncalled for. The writer should have focused on explaining what ACA is, and how it will benefit the majority. I would have liked the article to address more of the doubts some people are expressing (I am not one of those. I have been ‘for’ for ACA since the beginning). Some people are thinking that the quality of the service they are getting will go down- become extremely slow, and they will not get the high quality medicines, because it is “affordable”.

  32. Hi, im 20 and i could. Never understand this whole politian. President government thing. Because of the big long words that are so often used. Everybody know our country is already in the hole. I would really like to umderstand more to know what. Is. Going on with our country. But i can honestly say i am afraid of our. Government.

  33. All I know is that this is very polarizing; everyone has STRONG opinions about it, and their own idea about what it is. It feels like we can’t get a clear, unbiased view of what Obamacare is, and it seems like no one is going to change their mind. The rift between Democrats and Republicans just continues to get wider. They each think they’re right. I also know that I am never impressed when someone attempts to make a point using immature language(i.e. the “f” word among others). GROW UP Alan whoever-you-are!!!!!!

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