Overpackers Anonymous

Note: This post is a by guest blogger, the lovely and talented D. L. Berliner. I thought it was high time something was written here from a woman’s perspective.

Okay, so we’re going to spend a few days in Las Vegas. Four days, actually, if you don’t count the day of the return flight, which I don’t because there is no fun at all in this day.

We will arrive in the middle of the afternoon on Day 1. We will have full days on Days 2,3 and 4. We have tickets for two shows. We have no other plans except to low-roll gamble, eat (casual dining only) and maybe walk around a bit. The hotel’s website has pictures of the pool area, which looks nice, so I may go there at some point when I get tired of low-roll gambling, eating, and walking.

I am taking with me:

  •  2 pairs of slacks
  • 2 pairs of capri pants
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 1 swimsuit coverup
  • 3 pairs of shoes/sandals (maybe 4, haven’t decided yet)
  • 5 shirts and blouses. Actually 6, but two of those have to go together, so I’m saying 5.

And although it might be easier getting through Airport Security this way, I am not flying naked, so I will also be wearing a pair of slacks, a shirt, shoes, and keeping a light “airplane sweater” in my carry-on.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I’m also taking pajamas and “room clothes”, which are jammie pants and an oversized t-shirt to wear when just hanging out in the room between sessions of low-roll gambling, eating, walking, trips to the pool and sleeping.

 Do I really need all these clothes?

This list is actually a pared down version of what I started out with. I take such pride in reviewing all the initial selections to make sure they all pair with more than one item. The green cargo pants will work with the red and white top as well as the tropical print. “You’re going to Vegas!” I triumphantly tell the green cargo pants. The red and white top now also has to have its second pairing. Aha! It goes with the denim capris (the light blue ones, not the darker ones). And the tropical print not only goes with the darker denim capris, but also works with the beige shorts! A triple bonus!!

And this matching game goes on until I reach the contents of the list at the top of the page. I have roughly 11 different outfits for these four days, not counting my airplane clothes that I’ll arrive in (and possibly spend a good part of Day 1 in if our room isn’t ready for check-in when we arrive).

Again, do I really need all these clothes? For four days?

Logic tells me no. Especially considering we will not be climbing mountains, conducting an archeological dig, mucking horse stalls, planting trees or doing anything Mike Rowe does on “Dirty Jobs.” The highest risk of becoming begrimed comes from a spilled Cosmopolitan when I leap to my feet after hitting a jackpot (has never happened, but it could), or dribbling some chocolate sauce from the “Build Your Own Sundae” table at the buffet.

But something else – let’s call it ‘Not Logic’ – screams a resounding Yes!

God forbid that the folks watching the security cameras notice – and remark to their cohorts – that they had observed me yesterday wearing the same outfit. Or if we like a restaurant enough to go back a second time…what if the same hostess is there?!? Even though she has probably seated approximately 1,146 people since our last visit, I’m convinced she will notice that what I’m wearing looks familiar. Or what if the same guy who checked us in is there when I go back to replace my lost key card?? I don’t even want to think about the casino’s cocktail servers.

And of course, there are the pictures that my dear husband loves to take. As much as I try to avoid being in them, he sometimes gently insists on it, if only to document that I was actually present at this little vacation. Upon our return, we will show these pictures to at least three friends and relatives. As they view the various sights and scenes, they will certainly notice above all else that same blue and white shirt I was wearing while posed in front of the fake Eiffel Tower is the same one I am clad in at the slot machine where I am smiling in front of that big jackpot (in the fantasy two paragraphs above).

So now you see why it’s important, no essential, that I have a variety of wardrobe choices available that are only slightly smaller than the existing choices I have at home.

In the interest of space, I will not discuss any packing issues regarding makeup, skin care, oral hygiene, or reading matter. Let’s just say there might be a few tiny issues there as well.

 BREAKTHROUGH!!!! I’ve decided that I’m going to wear the same outfit to BOTH SHOWS!!!! I’m hedging my bet that the comedian (Louis Black) in the second show isn’t going to run into one of the 120 Cirque du Soliel performers from the first show and say “Ya know, that woman in Row QQ, seat 6 wore those black jeans and green shirt to my show, too.”


19 comments on “Overpackers Anonymous

  1. I’ve become a frequent traveler and am gearing up for another journey that will take me to 9 cities in 9 days. I’m struggling with how to pack as the weather has the capability of being 30 degrees different each day. I might need to over-pack for this one, just so I have options. But never underestimate the value of basic clothes you and remix and wear several times on one trip without no one noticing 🙂

  2. If I may weigh in (great post btw and so gracious of AS to give over to DLB) pack as little as possible. A silk scarf, a change in jewellery, and lipstick of course, should take care of the photo ops. I pack the same few clothes with me everywhere and always in a “carry-on.”

    Have a great time, can’t wait to hear all about it, and see the pics!

  3. I tend to over pack; I never wear half the stuff I take. This is not good. Especially now since I’m going to have to pay 50-150 euros or so to come home with my 2nd suitcase :S. Have a great trip!

  4. Just got back from a conference that I overpacked for (my version of overpacking, anyway) – got there and discovered that MOTHS got into my sweaters over the summer. You know, the sweaters I dragged out of the back of the closet and threw into a suitcase for a trip to colder climes. I was glad to have at least one sweater that didn’t have holes in it. Totally wore it 2 days in a row. If anyone noticed, they didn’t say anything 🙂

    • Only women would worry about wearing the same sweater two days in a row. Only a woman would notice if another woman wore the same sweater two days in a row. Men have it easier. Everyone expects so little of us. If yesterdays lunch isn’t still stuck to it, then we are a success! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for subscribing. I encourage everyone to visit: http://projectminify.com/

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