Is the Occupy Movement Losing Steam?

The three protesters chained themselves to a fence outside city hall.

Occupy Tulsa protesters chained themselves to a fence outside city hall.

We’ve all seen the scenes of clashes between the police and the ‘Occupy’ protesters in various cities.  In the heartland of America not even Tulsa, OK has been spared as members of Occupy Tulsa chained themselves to a fence in front of city hall.

Police were called in but their reaction was, to say the least, subdued. The mob consisted of three guys… one of whom appears to be waiting for the re-opening of V for Vendetta.

Read the full story and the riveting video at NewsOn6


5 comments on “Is the Occupy Movement Losing Steam?

    • Hi Harry, I’m guessing they are not happy because of the low turnout. And yes, I’ve changed themes several times. Trying to make it easily readable but still stylish. You know me, always trying to be Mr. Style.

  1. Figures for Tulsa have it at about two more than at Zuccotti Park these days, but, as always, it is quality which always trumps quantity! As for losing steam, it is still alive and well in the underground of Twitter!

  2. Yeah, that chain doesn’t look like it will be choking the life out of anyone soon either. Maybe they wanted to be able to slip out in case one of them got the munchies or something.

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