NASA: I Forgive You


Dear NASA; Is one little stinkin' jetpack so much to ask for?

A few weeks ago I was thinking about NASA. I was angry and disappointed with them.

They have gone to other planets.

They have sent deep space probes to explore the galaxy.

However…they have yet to deliver my jetpack.

Is it really so much to ask?  They can launch giant ships with tons of cargo into space and all I wanted was a little rocket strapped to my bulbous ass so I don’t have to wait in line at the airport. I realize I have gotten a little chunky over the years, but I’m no Hubble Telescope.  How hard can it be?

mars skycrane

"The most advanced and expensive rover ever sent to Mars, the $2.5 billion Curiosity will be lowered from a hovering, thrusting descent stage, on a bridle of three nylon cords, to a soft touchdown on the surface." Click the pic to read the whole article by Tony Reichhardt- Illustration By Harry Whitver Air & Space magazine, January 2012

But I have forgiven NASA for this oversite since I’ve seen the latest mission to mars. (Can you believe I just said “latest mission to Mars”) Far too often we take the brilliant folks at NASA for granted. They have sent equipment to freakin’ MARS! …Again!

Now they have designed a skycrane to safely settle the next rover on the surface. They direct it with a remote like we control the TV! This is awesome, spectacular, unprecedented, and yes, way cool!

This is an expensive mission. Getting Curiosity to Mars will cost $2.5 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’s actually what we spend on the ‘war’ in Afghanistan in 36 hours. Yes, I just said 36 HOURS!

So, here’s a suggestion. Let’s pull out of Afghanistan a couple of weeks early and send the money to NASA and we can employee more people, discover more things, and oh yea, as a little bonus, kill fewer people.

And maybe they’ll have time and budget left over for my jetpack.

Here’s some homework for you: List all of the day-to-day items, inventions, and advancements that have come out of the space program and NASA research since it’s inception.

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Mars Skycrane Photo Credit:


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